Viva con Agua

Water projects in Nepal, Guatemala, Mozambique, Uganda, and Switzerland.

Viva con Aqua

Using art, music, and sports to raise awareness of global water issues and successful fundraising campaigns.

"By supporting Viva con Agua, we promote their mission 'Water for all, all for water'." (Corinne)

Through its international network, Viva von Agua raises awareness about water issues and raises funds for global water projects. Through art, music and sports, the association inspires children, young people, and adults to get involved in the global issue of clean water. More and more people are getting involved within the scope of their own talents for a world without thirst. Already today, two million people worldwide benefit from these projects.


Combat poverty and inequalities, provide access to water and thus improve health.


2017 - 2025 (9 years)


CHF 825’000 plus loan EUR 800’000


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