Haus KoMeT, Niebüll

Conductive support means support with heart, brain, hands and humor for more independence, self-determination, and quality of life.

Haus KoMeT

Holistic development through movement and social-emotional competence for maximum quality of life, independence, and social participation.

"It is a joy to see how cerebrally disabled people learn together with heart, brain, hands and humor to find their place in society." (Dominik)

With the Haus KoMeT, the Eckenstein-Geigy Foundation is supporting the construction of a conductive residential and living community for young people with multiple disabilities. In Niebüll, they receive optimal support tailored to their individual needs and a secure home.


Promotion of an inclusive society, with equal and high-quality education for people with disabilities and the promotion of equal opportunities.


Since 2018


EUR 200’000 plus loan EUR 600’000

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